The 2nd person

The prompt comes from Sina Queyras, a writer whom you can find out all about on the internet, and my teacher for 226. Also kind of inspired by George Saunders’ question-statement style. Here it is:

You are some kind of slimy, pea-shootin’, brain-snatchin’, selfsame same-old, thumb-cracking chucklehead. You might think that doesn’t change much, but at least you know now what I really think. You stand there in your distressed clothing like you expect help? Or my brains? You smell! There’s blood on your button-down! You can’t have my guts – they’re mine. You have no idea – well, just don’t have any ideas at all! Gosh – you gosh darned zombies. Brains? Brains? You don’t know the first thing about that kind of delicacy. Get a job! Learn a trade! Then we’ll talk about brains!

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