Logbook, 2007 – Present

Here is a very unformed/unworked piece of sh—experimental work. Basically, I was playing with the information in my dive log and yet again, seeing how I provided information. To someone who doesn’t know what happened on those dives, some of the results are a little interesting to say the least. I collected this with Wakefield, Quebec and Tobermory, Ontario for my submission to a new reading series at Concordia called Synapse. We’ll see what comes of that.


Logbook, 2007 – Present


A. Tilt head and pinch nostrils. B. Seal and Blow. C. Watch and Listen.


DIVE #7, Santa Lucia, Cuba.

1st OCEAN DIVE! Mike’s first open water dive. Saw nurse shark, barracuda, stingray, played with a spider crab! COCO BEACH. HUGE WRECK, over 100 years old. Ton of LION FISH. Also, BLUE TANG, Butterfly fish, cephalopod-like ball with many legs that danced. BARRACUDA followed us. Fed yellow & blue fish. Ton of fish. Pet some.


DIVE #10, Tobermory, Ontario. Niagara II.

“Captain Fish” and the reason we’re gonna use a slate from now on.


DIVE #13,Tobermory, Ontario. Scoville.

The cord is at like 100ft even though other side of boat may attain 30 ft. We came right back up from 60 – it sucked.


DIVE #15, Tobermory, Ontario. Caroline Rose.

This boat is on the $100 bill. Nice.


DIVE #19, Tobermory, Ontario. Wetmore.

Beautiful boiler! Rudder hugely impressive – big! Great dive. Breathtaking. (Not literally because that would be bad when you’re underwater.)


DIVE #20, Tobermory, Ontario. Newaygo. (Yay, 20 dives!)

Wreck is on shallow land of horseshoe formation. Spread out over ~700 feet. 3 pieces. Saw first. Had trouble navigating. Very shallow.


DIVE #21, Kingston, Ontario. Wolfe Islander II.

Went to wheel house/front of ship. INSIDE! Very open ship. Went up stairs & through “observation” hall. Lots of fish. Water/air “mirrors” on ceiling. Ton of fish. Sheephead cousin of carp had big news: pregnant. Tom messed with bicycle on deck under wheelhouse. Saw garden gnomes drinking. Beefeater. Bottle of Black Seal. Trouble equalizing ears on way up. Went for a ride on rope underwater when boat adjusted.


DIVE #23, Kingston, Ontario. Wolfe Islander II.

Started at back & worked our way forward. 2 Motorcycles on rear deck and one bicycle other than one near wheelhouse. Then followed pregnant sheephead. “Newbie” Etienne kept running into me.


DIVE #25, Wakefield, Quebec. Morrison Quarry.

Weather: fucking cold – had a fire going all day

Horrible dive. Orientation dive. Conflict with dive buddy. Compensation like yoyos. Very frustrating.


DIVE #26, Wakefield, Quebec. Morrison Quarry. (NIGHT)

Night dive. Nice enough. Calm. Turning off flashlight was fun. Did everything alone, start and finish.


DIVE #27, Wakefield, Quebec. Morrison Quarry.

My first “deep” dive. Everything was brown. Didn’t really do much except try and keep my buddy next to me. No visible narcosis effects. Thoughts did seem slower.


DIVE #28, Wakefield, Quebec. Morrison Quarry.

“Rescue” exercise. Eric was eaten by a shark – very sad. Had to do it twice. Hard work!


DIVE #34, Cardinal, Ontario. Conestoga.

Tom lost his weights. Hate Sherwood integrated weight system. Did a continuous dive. They were near shore. A “drift” dive. Not much current, lots of noobs.


DIVE #39, Flintkote Quarry, Quebec.

Shallow side – group dive with Tom, Brad, Mike, Dylan, Bobby (the Bulgarian). Doing Serge a favour due to prior incidents with Bobby and Dylan.


DIVE #40, Flintkote Quarry, Quebec.

COLD! Went to the bus on the deep side. Tom got nitrogen narcosis – fell and didn’t seem to care. His gloves + crotch = holes. He was too cold to stay long. Bus was cool. Love the mirror in the bathroom and the metal scorpion.


DIVE #45, Kingston, Ontario. Milton Island. (Wolfe-Islander II aborted.)

Unplanned dive in unknown territory. Horrible windy weather (tropical storm Earl) – five foot waves where we were, much worse around the Wolfe. Could have torn moorings off Wolfe.

Bad current. Silly divers swam on surface. Bad weeds and lily pads. Saw ~4 2-3 ft. long fish. Tom found a spatula. Others found 2 anchors, 3 bottles, 1 broken vase. Was on lookout in Rescue capacity. Oh man.

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