Then — and Now.

Just avoiding a certain movie title, you know? Anyhow, here are some notes about the kinds of writing and the kinds of comments that I used to get when I was younger (say, between ages 12 and 16) versus now. A retrospect.

– I loved epigraphs. Still do, but rarely implement them. Seraph Falling has an epigraph for EACH chapter.

– I compared head and heart a lot – a lot of heart.

– I still get some of the same comments about my writing being concise and precise.

– I was more prolific then than I am now, and I think I had more ideas.

– Couldn’t come up with good character names then or now – see Yssandra (A VR).

– titles: A Vampiric Rhapsody, Seraph Falling – ’nuff said.

– I was not at all concerned about my readers or readibility back then (or, say, being stereotyped as a genre writer) – is this better or worse?

– I loved comments back then, and I still do.

– I only realize now how lucky I was to have two constant readers (and more, dad!) who provided me with extremely detailed commentaries.

– I didn’t used to fear being slotted somewhere as a genre writer.

– I was too aware of my own precociousness, and preciousness.

– My prose was more long-winded, looser (despite the earlier comment about conciseness and preciseness).

– My characters were more introspective.

– My pacing tended to be slower, more stately.

– I realized/appreciated the value of writing in the first person.

– I only used to write one draft and add and add. I was additive rather than reductive.

– Anybody / most people who weren’t my main characters were assholes and in opposition to them.

– I still left unseen / solely mentioned a bunch of stuff that my readers wanted to see – transformations, scenes, conversations.

– I didn’t used to research, so I’ve made up some pretty ridiculous (and some pretty plausible but wrong) explanations in  my time.

– I used to sometimes just come out and provide explanations, like a guide book.

– I gave up finally writing “my baby” – the story I used to play-act as a kid, after two pages.


Hope that was interesting. It was therapeutic for me.

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