A Microfiction Writing Game: Instructions and Results

Here’s a game that you can play by yourself or with a couple of friends. I played it for the first time recently with my boyfriend Tom and my friend Steph.

The goal is to churn out some microfiction in the shortest possible amount of time and yet still have a cohesive story.


1. Grab the cards from the most outdated version possible of any game available involving cards and categoried questions. Our choice was “Win, Lose, or Draw” from the early 90s. Pictionary, Scattergories, or Trivial Pursuit would probably work just as well.

2. Set up a 5 minute timer (or choose your own length of time). We found five minutes to be optimal because nobody ended up having to wait too long if they finished their microfiction before the other players, and it helped the players to think of stories for a microfiction format.

3. Choose a card at random from the deck and read it out loud to the players. Show it to them if they wish.

4. Start writing a story inspired by the card – whether you use the actual words on the card or not is up to you.

5. Share all stories after the five minute deadline.

There are no points, no losers, and oodles of just pure writerly joy. Have fun! Post some of your own!

Here are my two favourites out of the ones that I wrote. Look out for a few of Tom’s later on. These are completely unedited.


Night had one advantage over all the other athletes in the competition, and that was being able to race around the entire world every twenty four hours. The Olympic Committee agreed that it was racist not to allow a concept to compete, but that Night would still have to wear a runner’s number like everyone else. It was up to him to find somewhere to pin it.


“So I sez to him, I sez, she might purr like a kitten but she eats like a litter of ’em! Next round’s on me.”

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