A Microfiction Writing Game: More Results

Card: Playing by the Book

One day, Emile and his bother were playing by the book. They listened to it brurble and tinke, watched the fish do blackflips in it and little fogs catch fies on its surface. When they came home late, their mlother was furious.

Card: You Bet Your Life

“Welcome to this week’s edition of ‘You Bet Your Life!’ on the Soylent Network! Sponsored by Cooke’s Suicide Parlours – making your world a better place! On this week’s show, we’ve got some great prizes for our contestants – and if you folks at home want to get in on the action, just type in our web address: http://www.ylife.com and look for our You Bet Your Life Minigame!”

Card: Out of this world

“Out of this world and that one, which would you choose with this shade of chartreuse?”

“Oh, I don’t know, Horsehead – us galaxies are different from you nebula. You’re so flighty – you know you’re just going to want to change it all up again in a couple thousand years.”

“I’ll have you know I’ve had the same string of stars for 3 billion years. They were my grand-nebula’s.”

“Well at least you have the good sense not to mess with an heirloom. Hey, these molecules are on sale!”

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