I remember / The Interrogative Mood

Two exercises that we did in class last week – so much fun! The first prompt is just to preface each sentence with ‘I remember’ – the second is to use only questions.

I remember sparrow lungs and hearts, palpitating ever faster until air is gone. I remember weakening, draining twitches of wings against the fishbowl with the rubber seal. I remember headaching and retaining composure, pressure mounting in sinus cavities. I remember loss of hearing (temporary), loss of control (piss stink). I remember “the seal is cracked” – I remember air. I remember Boyle’s face. I remember designing this pump, that glass ball. I remember not being genteel – not being taken at my word. I remember polite clapping as I am removed from the vacuated chamber. I remember describing symptoms – an air hangover. I remember intellectual theft, and watch springs.


Is it okay to change your mind? What’s your opinion of boys who wear jewelry? Would you pay for satellite radio when there are still free broadcasts? Are most of your possessions just to impress guests? Does your status demand Hugo Boss, or Armani? Do you pack a lunch at night? Does doing lunch satisfy your food guide requirements? Are you hooked on dairy (five portions a day) just because your country produces so much of it? Do you like cows?


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