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Some Advice on City Fashion Choices

A freewrite.

When you are wearing a cowboy hat in the city, people listen. Actually, when you are wearing a Norteña hat, Mexicans will say hello to you. Sometimes you will run into things with your hat. Then you must pretend not to notice. Sometimes, if you adjust the brim, people will think you are saying hi. If you do this to a Mexican, you both break even. Don’t be a jerk if you are wearing a cowboy hat; don’t go getting mad with power. Not even a Mexican likes a douche in a cowboy hat gone mad with power, and they will stop saying hello. No, cowboy hats were made for the humble man who wants to look like Clint Eastwood. You must wear a cowboy hat like you would a badge: you are representing the whole population of cowboy-hat wearers. Don’t fuck it up!


Some Advice on Choosing Movie Idols

A freewrite. 

Make up a list of people to like, and stick to it. Have class-  fall in love with the young version of aging or even dead actors. Insist that they are like gods. Bonus points if they died young, if they are legends now. James Dean. Paul Newman. Clint Eastwood. Even John Cusack – though he’s got a bit of a paunch now. Ask yourself when Christian Slater turned ugly, and watch Heathers mournfully. Movies were better back in the old days. Is it politically correct to conflate Italians with Mexicans, Indians? Fall in love with articles from costumes. Lust after a poncho, a red jacket, a certain colorized charm. Buy boxsets. Download anything made after 1990. Unless it is independent. If it is, order it from your specialty store – who cares if they bring it in from Amazon (their distributor) and jack up the price? Art has no price. Know that Quebec often collaborates with New Zealand to make movies. Force your friends to watch the same campy movie at least once a year, because it is “your favourite” and “a tradition.” Eat more greens – some day you will be old and perhaps not trendy too. The transitory present seems greater in the light of the past. There is no pinnacle like an old pinnacle.


Biol Bus Poems

Some first-draft poetry inspired by BIOL201 and the STM…

1. TWENTY-THREE is lonely

with no sisters, and a million

to one chance of survival

This is a race with no end.

This is the me-oh-meiosis.

2. A plant is turgid when wet

Hang it out to dry and it


3. Me-oh-meiosis!

My Totic beats your totem

I never put much store by Eve.

Where are her sisters?