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The Incongruous Quarterly Issue 3: Science!

So! something exciting happened: this issue’s guest editor for Fiction in the Incongruous Quarterly, Jon Paul Fiorentino, along with the other lovely people at the magazine chose my piece, The Micrographicker for their third issue. The theme is Science! You should read it. Also, I guess I can finally put the piece up in my blog — or you can go read it on the IQ website – yeah, that’s probably better!

Here’s the link to their third issue!



A Night at the Movies

A cultural cross-section – just about some thoughts I’ve been having – in two to three voices – see if you can count ’em. 

A Night at the Movies

A strange respect for Jesus.

8 Dollars on a Tuesday night

It’s Jesus! returned Macbeth

Amen brother hail Caesar

I don’t even care, get me a drink


Shut up. The theater is full of stupid.

You are on our land.

(Why is it called Bum park?)

Nice to see that you found eight dollars – or 16.

(Begged, stolen?)

(Secretly I read and enjoy dear annie I am glad that your kids are not my problem)

Everybody deserves to go to the movies.

How strange to think, compare the Indians in the movie, the Natives in the theater – and how strange to think that you think you can tell just by listening.

Maybe the catcalls came from the ——s over there with the cell phones

(they didn’t turn off during the movie)

O Cabot o Atwater

I’m the virgin Mary.