Letters from the Editor: Some initial statements. 

I was primarily aiming at two things this time around: to write a one-sided epistolary of sorts, and make inferences about the other letters that were being responded to, and to experiment with voice and how it can build character. I was taking my cue from how George Saunders tends to write his figures of authority, like those in his book of short stories, Pastoralia. They’re sort of jerks, and they try to be “hip” and current. I modeled the piece on the kind of internet articles that one can run into that are collections of “famous rejection letters” like on the letters of note website, or “juvenilia by such and such an author.” The biggest problem that I ran into was probably figuring out who would be writing to the editors, and what sorts of different letters they would have to write beyond the obvious rejection and acceptance letters.  I was also definitely interested in poking a bit of fun at the kinds of emails most people get and some social issues. I wanted to know what, if given free reign, these “editors” would write – understanding that they are potentially overworked and probably sick of answering emails. I wanted them to be naïve and also more than a little passive-aggressive, potentially blowing off steam inappropriately. I wanted them to be a group entity but with some individual tendencies whenever it was one “editor” rather than “the editors,” even while they need to maintain the impersonality of being representatives of an organization.

  1. March 7th, 2012

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