An anecdote

Just something to tide you over since I’ve been a bad fiction blogger. 

An Anecdote With A Strong Moral Message

Let me tell you an anecdote. Last Wednesday, I had a horrible pain in my foot but couldn’t see anything like a splinter or an injury. The pain got worse and worse throughout the evening and I was at a loss. I had my boyfriend take a look and he couldn’t find anything any more than I could. But the pain wouldn’t go away, and my boyfriend had another look. Finally, he ran his finger gently over one area of skin and I winced in pain, drawing my foot away. He told me that he knew what the problem was, and got the tweezers. As I braced myself, he drew out a fine hair that was parallel to the bottom of my foot, stuck just inside the first layer of skin. It was just a flimsy little hair, no more than a centimeter long. My boyfriend concluded that it must have been placed just on top of a nerve for it to cause so much pain. That tiny hair, so flimsy and insignificant, so small and so delicate, caused me hours of irritation and anguish. The moral of the story is this: Even though you, too, are tiny and insignificant, you are on my last nerve. Don’t make me set my boyfriend on you. Yes – with tweezers.

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