An Open Mind: Scene Drafts, part 1

An Open Mind” (originally, “Brancusi’s Golden Bird” and then “The Prime-Time Open Mind”) is getting a rewrite. Here is a draft of a scene that’ll be inserted…and you can expect to see a few more of these today as I type them up. It’s about Anna and Emilio:

Her thoughts – that is, the thoughts that Emilio had of her – were most commonly warm and smelled like cotton candy.

Her thoughts were illuminated by beams of sun in parting clouds – the kind that made you think, “this is God’s country,” and when you said “God’s” you meant “mine.” This is the country of somebody who is able to perceive and appreciate it. In her thoughts, there were often bubbles of pink happy gas. In her thoughts, Emilio felt like he was sensing the world through his eyelids with the sun on them. When Emilio thought of her hair, his thoughts were all white silk, freesias and precious oils.

She got off on it – she would dip her toes in his thoughts of her, curling her fingers in them, nuzzling them. And when he was with her, his thoughts were rarely of anything else.

Looking back, it must have been a kind of narcissism that attracted her there – seeing a version of herself reflected and translated in him. He was just her pool of water.

That’s why, when he brought up marriage, and children, she broke it off. Not with him, not ever with him – not her kids. Her ovaries shriveled at the thought of it. 

  1. July 14th, 2012

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