When They Came

First installment in a story that should end up being much longer, but I thought it stood okay on its own.

When They Came

Here is what the aliens thought: these are the humans with the real power. Other humans will do just about anything for them: relocate to islands with one personal possession and none of their pride, let themselves be physically abused by colourful rubber implements to a pleasingly comical soundtrack, be publicly ridiculed for their inability to retain inane bits of information or understand basic economic principles, face off against other human beings for prizes which are then largely reclaimed by their governing bodies. They scream in exultation and hysteria when these humans come near. They want to be picked by them. They need them to validate their existence.

They even call themselves “hosts,” like the name given to the body of the sacrificial lamb that some percentage of them worship. They call their tortures “games” and make examples of those who are subjugated to the other humans. These spectacles are called shows. Game shows.

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