Jessica Rose Marcotte keeps herself as busy as possible. She is a game designer, a writer and a PhD candidate at Concordia University who has worked on games such as “Nitrogen Narcosis,” “Assembling Rosie (Critical Hit 2013), “Eat Dirt!” and “In Tune: a game about navigating consent.” Through these projects, she explores her interest in accessibility, diversity and provoking meaningful conversations through her work. Her PhD at TAG, under the supervision of Rilla Khaled, will explore the potential of games to make us feel complex emotions. She is a member of the Tweed Couch Games artists’ collective, a columnist and senior editor for Matrix Magazine and has often worked with the GOTY collective, as well as being one of the co-directors for Critical Hit 2015. In her spare time, she likes to scuba dive, make sushi and play roleplaying and board games. You can find her on twitter (@jekagames).

Her work has been published in Matrix Magazine, The Incongruous Quarterly, Soliloquies 16.2, and Peripheries, a collection of short stories by the 426 Collective. She likes words.

(Oh yeah, and I prefer Jess to Jessica every time.)

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