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Po’try: Drift

A draft called

Drift from the horror of recognition
To Hawaiian folk sleep
The horror! the horror!
Of getting to know someone
Better than you would have liked
When they were yesterday’s pleasant stranger
The baggage from someone you
Actually, truly, really care about.
And you were getting so good
At liking them
But the honeymoon phase is over
And they were never your honey.

Drift from idiosyncrasies
To driftwood guitar
Forget that you can’t avoid
The habits of the close ones
Of your closest ones
You may smile if you find it in you.
In the chords, maybe.
Realizations are sad and
Maybe you’ll remember that
We’re all human so
Even if the little things add up real quick,
There are the pleasant things, too.

Forget that their foibles force you
To modify your behaviour,
That which comes natural
And listen to the chords.