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My Top Eleven Favourite Google Searches Leading To A Repository of Immature Fiction

Because this list just stands alone so well. 

My Top Eleven Favourite Google Searches Leading To A Repository of Immature Fiction (in no particular order):

1. ”jungle book” “erection” mowgli bagheera

2. ”granny rancor”

3. the brurble of a wedding in december

4. porn s boobs uncouered

5. www porno granny germany

6. how long does it take to suffercate a mouse

7. my writing is immature

8. cowboy hat advice

9. ”in the balls” “in the nuts” feminism

10. how to prime a mind

11. purternity eggs


Searches That Led Here

I just thought I’d share this with you guys. It’s an unedited list of the google searches that have led people to the repository. I’ve also gathered my top ten favourites at the end of this post (okay, make that a top eleven.)

chito ryu manual 18
jekawrites wordpress com 11
writer’s statement example 9
writer’s statement 8
don lorenzetti karate 7
brancusi’s golden bird 5
jekawrites 4 4
brancusi golden bird 4
chito-ryu manual 3
fiction writer’s statement 2
the gold bird story prime 2
microfiction games 2
“writer’s statement” 2
evelyn morrison wakefield quebec 2
“jungle book” “erection” mowgli bagheera 2
jeka womin translation 2
repository bicycles for wheelhouse 2
immature fiction 2
writer’s statement examples 2 2
rose marcotte 2
tim diuer 1
gawain and the green knight milton 1
“alice laplante” 1
sideweis 1
least favourite child 1
granny fantastic 1
mice cheeping 1
crow’s nest pub tobermory reopens 1
fiction indexical 1
“granny rancor” 1
the brurble of a wedding in december 1
negation immature 1
meaning of diuers 1
brancusies golden bird 1
porn s boobs uncouered 1
my stories are immature 1
issuance kroshi models, sewing 1
emilio they 1
profundimeter 1
“method and madness” -amazon -flipkart laplante 1
negation for immature 1
writer’s statement “writer’s statement” 1
examples of a writer’s statement 1
www porno granny germany 1
writing game instructions 1
illicit desire 1
“tyrant rancor” 1
alice laplante method and madness 1
make a mousetrap using stiff paper 1
writers statement 1
what is meant by jeka 1
“jon paul fiorentino” 1
hobby aspect v3-1 1
how long does it take to suffercate a mouse 1
the statement misery loves company 1
the interrogative mood 1
misery knows company 1
incongruous quarterly 1
describing by negation 1
blood test repository 1
brancusi gold 1
lake huron boat graveyard 1
blog writers statement 1
my writing is immature 1
brancusi little girl 1
“brancusi’s golden bird” 1
writer’s statement of intent 1
boatsunkat morrison’s quarrywakefieldquebec 1
remember interrogative 1
stories of illicit desire 1
jeka examination problem solve & answare 1
jeka time 1
don lorenzetti chito ryu 1
chito ryu verdun 1
“i am a camera” method and madness 1
jeka floor pack 1
team diuer 1
chito ryu instructions illustration 1
list of experimental fiction 1
jeka new york 2012 blue/red belt 1
repository/anecdote 1
experimental fiction list 1
incongruous quarterly: issue 3 1
interrogative mood exercises 1
iremember repository 1
cowboy hat advice 1
chito ryu handbook 1
vanier scholarship 1
bathroom insurance accidents 1
beurling academy 2011 graduation list of awards 1
jeka cabin 1
tobermory in fiction 1
jeka cake pictures 1
“in the balls” “in the nuts” feminism 1
diuer middle english 1
“erection” mowgli bagheera 1
chito-ryu manuel 1
brancusi`s golden bird 1
+matrix litpop 1
kyus speed painting 1
jekawrites wordpress 1 1
“richard cumyn” 1
lise marcotte chito-ryu 1
indexical exercise 1
how to prime a mind 1
repository of immature fiction 1
young school girl nude with flat chest and very small tits on any tube 1
manual of chito-ryu 1
chito ryu vibration 1
incidents morrison quarry 1
kanazaru means 1
purternity eggs 1
kafein jeka 1
you are leaving the american sector bbl bbie3 1
method and madness “i am a camera” exercise 1
chito ryu rotation vibration 1
chito-ryu curriculum 1
list of writers of experimental fiction 1
kyus in karate 1
example of a writer’s statement 1

My Top Eleven Favourite Google Searches Leading To A Repository of Immature Fiction (in no particular order):

1. “jungle book” “erection” mowgli bagheera

2. “granny rancor”

3. the brurble of a wedding in december

4. porn s boobs uncouered

5. www porno granny germany

6. how long does it take to suffercate a mouse

7. my writing is immature

8. cowboy hat advice

9. “in the balls” “in the nuts” feminism

10. how to prime a mind

11. purternity eggs

Last Night’s Poem

I watched the animated adaptation of Swan Lake yesterday on Netflix. Here’s the result. My version of how it should have ended. Also, oh look, poetry.

The bird was sumptuous; finger-lickin’
Para chuparse los dedos
Meat sucked off bones like fingers, wings,
And what’s this but a shred of silk
Like the colour of Odette’s dress
which was the colour of her eyes
And we knew she’d been missing
for a while
but forgot until the silk was caught in our teeth
Forgot that no good deed goes
unpunished by that magician that
yes, it’s true, you banished
just about fifteen or twenty years ago.
He had a thing, didn’t he,
for swans and also wanting your kingdom
but oh, sorry, we ate it,
and it was sumptuous, and probably
Well, where would a bird pick up a scrap
of a dress except that maybe
Odette patched it up!
when she was lost (didn’t you, Odette?)
She’s a kind soul.

The swan should know.