Tabletop RPGs

Hey there,

Today I’m doing something nerdy and planning a session of a tabletop RPG for my friends. I don’t know what other people’s notes for a session look like, and if you’d even be interested in seeing what mine look like, but I figured I’d share some old notes anyway. An important thing to know about me is that I make up a lot of things on the fly – especially additional characters, situations (my players tend to look for ways to jump off cliffs instead of going on the beaten path), and anything else that comes up and is needed during the session.

The campaign is called Star Wars: Jet Plane Overdrive Mach Seven, and it’s quite silly. It isn’t combat-heavy and tends to involve a lot of diplomacy. These notes are from parts 1 and 3 of my campaign. They’re unedited, and what might have happened during the session could be quite different from the notes I have written down here.

EDIT: Another note – When I write my notes, I usually figure out the mechanics later, especially since one of my players has encyclopedic knowledge about the rules, sometimes down to the page to find things on.



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